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Stethoscope: How And Why Is It Used?

Posted by Admin on May, 29, 2020

A stethoscope is the medical tool that is useful in auscultation i.e. to listen to the sounds created by your body. It is primarily used for listening to the sounds of heart, lungs and intestinal tract. This instrument can also be used to listen to the sounds of flowing blood in peripheral vessels and the heart due to the development of fetuses during pregnancy in women.

Purpose of use:

A stethoscope is used to study and also to detect the sounds of heart, stomach, lungs, etc. in human fetuses, children, adult people and animals. Using this tool, the user is able to hear all sorts of normal and abnormal sounds of venous, pleural, respiratory, fetal, cardiac, arterial, intestinal and uterine sounds.

Who uses stethoscopes?

All the medical students and healthcare providers are trained to use stethoscopes. And, the best stethoscopes supplier in Gujarat and other cities get the contract of supplying this tool to their organizations.


Multiple designs and materials are available for stethoscopes in the pharmaceutical shops. Most of them are Y-shaped and contains rubber tubing. This particular shape of the instrument allows sound to enter it at one end and travel up through the tube to the ear pieces.

Many of the stethoscopes include a double-sided device for detecting sounds which the users can reverse if necessary depending on if they need hearing it at low or high frequencies. Some of the latest models have single pressure-sensitive head.

A few different types of stethoscopes are –

• Binaural stethoscopes – designed in such a way that it can be used with both the ears

• Single stethoscopes – designed in a special way so that the sounds can be hear through a signle ear

• Differential stethoscopes – it allows the listeners for comparing sounds at two different sites of the body

• Electronic stethoscopes – it amplifies tones electronically

Other than these there are stethoscopes which are specifically designed to hear sounds of fetal heartbeats.

Preparation before using stethoscopes:

Training –

Who are using stethoscopes they must know how to assess what they hear and they should exactly know the organ is in the body to hear its sounds. For example, to hear the heart beats you need to put the mouthpiece of the stethoscope to the left of the chest as heart remains here. More specifically, the heart lies between the 4th and 6th ribs of your chest i.e. almost beneath your breast.

The user needs to move the stethoscope around. The healthcare provider should listen and identify to different sounds coming from different parts of the body. And, they should also know the use of all parts of the stethoscope for better diagnosis. For example –

• The bell of this tool is normally used to listen to low-pitched sounds.

• The diaphragm of the stethoscope is used for listening to multiple areas of your heart.

Again, the sounds coming from different areas of the heart can be different. Normal heart beats with the ‘lub-dub’ sound. The heart is contracted every time with this sound.

So, there is many things in the training of using stethoscopes. This is why healthcare professionals buy the latest stethoscopes in the market from a genuine supplier in Gujarat.

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